Laugh with us.
Not at us.

Using comedy to eradicate diabetes stigma.

Join the Spoonful of Laugher Campaign, a disruptive, out-of-the-box initiative focused on gleefully educating people about diabetes, cheekily correcting stereotypes, increasing familiarity over fear, and encouraging curiosity over judgment.

Want to learn more? Watch our campaign trailer:

This fall we’ll release our first six comedy shorts. Each reframes people with diabetes as those who commit daily death-defying acts deserving of admiration, awe, and respect. And each uses laughter to illuminate the complex and often hidden mental, physical, and logistical hoops that people with an underperforming pancreas have to jump through every day. We hope these will make people laugh, think, share, and act.

We don’t want to lecture people into changing their stigmatizing behavior, we want to lead them — giggling — into a kinder and more joyful future. 

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