Lightning Talks: Diabetes Stigma and the Need for Disruption

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diaTribe hosted the d22 Lightning Talks – where four leaders in the field explored the impact of diabetes stigma and the need to disrupt the status quo to enact dramatic social change.

Ending diabetes stigma and its devastating effects will rely on courageous advocates and creative solutions. The status quo is bogged down by harmful cultural narratives, misconceptions about diabetes, and not nearly enough collaboration. We think it’s time for a bit of disruption and we want to challenge everyone to join us in finding inspired, creative, radical, and out-of-the-box solutions.

We heard from Renza Scibilia, renowned diabetes advocate, creator of, and Director of Community Building & Communications at JDRF International shared her personal experiences with diabetes stigma and how organizations like Diabetes Australia are creating campaigns that are helping correct stereotypes and misconceptions about diabetes.

Brian Fitzgerald, Senior Story-Hacker at the creative agency, Dancing Fox, shared the impact that a story can have and why we need to disrupt the status quo.

Tony Pearson, the Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials at Eli Lilly and Company spoke to the importance of research and intersectionality in the field of diabetes stigma.

And blogger, advocate, and creator of, Alysse Dalessandro shared her personal experiences with diabetes and weight stigma and the importance of living out and proud with type 2 diabetes.

A special thank you to our d22 Lightning Talks supporters, Dexcom and Lilly Diabetes.

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