Advocacy and support for people with diabetes

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These organizations provide high-quality information for people with diabetes on a range of topics. Some also support research efforts, platforms for advocacy and policy change, and ways to bring people together in the community.

Organizations in the United States

American Diabetes Association

In addition to funding research into the prevention, cure, and management of diabetes, the ADA provides objective and credible information for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals and gives a voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

Beyond Type 1 and Beyond Type 2

Through platforms, programs, resources, and grants, Beyond Type 1 unites the global diabetes community and provides solutions to improve the lives of people with diabetes by focusing on education, advocacy and finding a path to a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

As a program of Beyond Type 1, Beyond Type 2 creates a space for people to share their stories, connect to the community, and find resources on topics from daily diabetes management to mental health.

Children with Diabetes

Children with Diabetes provides education, support, and inspiration to empower families living with type 1 diabetes and help them live healthy, enriched lives.

The Diabetes Link

The Diabetes Link provides young adults with type 1 diabetes the peer connections and expert resources to successfully manage the challenging transition to independence at college and beyond.

Diabetes Leadership Council

The Diabetes Leadership Council (DLC) is a patient advocacy organization comprised of experienced leaders in the diabetes community. DLC members – all former leaders of national diabetes organizations – are committed to securing effective, affordable health care and a discrimination-free environment for every person affected by diabetes through sound policy initiatives at the federal and state levels.

The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC)

The Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition (DPAC) is a grassroots alliance of thousands of people with diabetes, caregivers, patient advocates, health professionals, disease organizations and companies working collaboratively to promote and support public policy initiatives to improve the health of people with diabetes.


DiabetesSisters helps women of all ages with all types of diabetes live healthier, fuller lives through education and peer support services, giving women a space to freely share information, helpful tips, and stories of hope.

The diaTribe Foundation

diaTribe helps people with diabetes live happier, healthier, and more hopeful lives through education and advocacy. The free online publication diaTribe Learn provides information on diabetes management, diet, and exercise; avoiding complications; and the latest innovations in technology and therapies.

Diversity in Diabetes

Diversity in Diabetes creates awareness and provides solutions to end health disparities and the lack of representation in the diabetes space. 


In addition to JDRF’s focus on funding research on the prevention, treatments, and cures for type 1 diabetes, it also provides educational resources for people with type 1 diabetes, connects members of the community through their local chapters, and hosts fundraising events.

My Diabetes Secret

My Diabetes Secret is a platform that allows people with diabetes to anonymously share their experiences, vent their frustrations without fear of judgment, share without shame, and find comfort knowing that they aren’t the only people experiencing a bad day.

Taking Control Of Your Diabetes

Taking Control Of Your Diabetes educates and motivates people with diabetes to take a more active role in their condition and provides innovative and integrative continuing education to medical professionals caring for people with diabetes

International Organizations

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD)

The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD) is the first national research center in Australia and internationally dedicated to investigating the behavioral, psychological, and social aspects of diabetes, including diabetes stigma.


#dedoc° is an international community by and for people with diabetes. The #dedoc° voices scholarship program enables diabetes advocates to attend scientific conferences and #dedoc° symposia and #docdays° are platforms for the international voice of people living with diabetes.

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia is a non-profit organization that raises awareness about diabetes, promotes prevention and early detection strategies, and advocates for better standards of care. 

Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada is a national charity that invests in diabetes research, provides support & education programs for people with diabetes & HCPs, and facilitates the development of national policies about diabetes.

Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is a British-based charity that funds diabetes research, creates communities for people with diabetes, provides actionable information about diabetes, and campaigns for improvements in the care and treatment of people with diabetes.

International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

Umbrella organization of over 230 national diabetes associations in 170 countries and territories; leading the global diabetes community since 1950.