Stigmatizing and Fearful Experiences in the Healthcare Setting

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The diaTribe Foundation and market research company, dQ&A, partnered on a recent study to better understand people with diabetes’ experiences in the healthcare setting. In particular, we aimed to gain a better understanding of how people with diabetes and their healthcare team discussed diabetes-related complications and whether stigma and fear were permeating these conversations. In […]

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Research on Stigma From Health Professionals

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People with diabetes consistently report experiencing stigma in healthcare spaces and from health professionals. Here are key research findings and interventional studies from leading experts in the field. A Qualitative Study of Perceived Responsibility and Self-Blame in Type 2 Diabetes: Reflections of Physicians and Patients Takeaways Interviews with 19 endocrinologists and primary care providers and […]

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What is Diabetes Stigma?

Diabetes Stigma: Graphic of a doctor's hand unraveling a string around a heart. Diabetes technology and medications. A Resource for Healthcare Heroes.

Diabetes stigma refers to negative social judgments, stereotypes, and prejudices about diabetes, or about a person due to their diabetes.1 Diabetes stigma becomes discrimination when it is used in unfair or prejudicial treatment towards a person with diabetes.1 Why does diabetes stigma exist? Most health-related stigma, including diabetes stigma, is caused by shame, blame, fear, […]

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Diabetes Stigma in Healthcare

Many health professionals are incredibly supportive of people with diabetes and skilled at delivering compassionate, person-centered care and treatment. However, studies show that people with diabetes experience implicit and explicit stigma from health professionals.1-3 What do we know? Unfortunately, implicit and explicit bias against people with diabetes is common among health professionals. In a study […]

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How to Talk About Diabetes-Related Technology

There have been many innovations in the technology that people with diabetes use to monitor their glucose levels and deliver insulin in recent years. Continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pumps, and automated insulin delivery (AID) systems have all contributed to helping people better manage their diabetes. However, conversations around diabetes-related technology and devices can sometimes […]

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How to Talk About Diabetes-Related Medications

Whether it’s metformin, insulin, or newer medications like SGLT-2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, or dual agonists, there are dozens of helpful medications designed to help people with diabetes manage their glucose levels and reduce their risk for diabetes-related complications. However, conversations around diabetes medications, especially insulin, can be difficult and fraught with stigmatizing and judgmental […]

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Lightning Talks: Dr. James Gavin III on Stigma in Healthcare

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Each year, diaTribe hosts the Lightning Talks, a virtual event that brings leading researchers, advocates, and health professionals together to educating people and raise awareness around diabetes stigma. In 2020, diaTribe hosted diabetes physician, researcher, and former President of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. James Gavin III, who gave a talk highlighting the physician’s perspective […]

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Checking Our Bias: Removing Stigma in the Clinical Setting

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Definitions & Background Diabetes stigma includes the negative stereotypes, blame, judgment, and prejudice that people with diabetes (PWD) experience.1 This type of stigma can lead to discrimination; the unfair or prejudicial treatment of PWD.1  Research suggests as much as 80% of adults with diabetes report experiencing diabetes stigma2 coming from numerous sources: Healthcare professionals (HCPs), […]

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Creating a Stigma-Free Clinic

Providing the best care for people with diabetes means making sure that they feel welcome, supported, comfortable, and understood at every healthcare appointment they have. However, the physical environment and the equipment used throughout a healthcare visit can sometimes contribute to stigma. Here’s a checklist to help you set up a stigma-free clinic. Remove or […]

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