dStigmatize Language Guide

People with diabetes, their families, and people at risk of diabetes, deserve communications that are clear and accurate, respectful, inclusive, and free from judgment and bias. What are simple principles for appropriate and effective communication? The words we use to talk about diabetes often reflect a lack of awareness or consideration, or may express conscious […]

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Diabetes Stigma Article Collection

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Learn about the diabetes stigma basics: Read up on the work diaTribe is doing to address diabetes stigma Check out our dSeries Lightning Talks on diabetes stigma: Read stories from members of the diabetes community who detail their experiences with stigma: The portrayal of diabetes in the media is a key contributor to diabetes stigma. […]

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diaTribe Foundation and ACBRD Partner to End Diabetes Stigma

Logos of the Australian Center for Behavioral Research in Diabetes and the diaTribe Foundation

San Francisco, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, May 31, 2023 – The diaTribe Foundation and the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD) are excited to announce a new partnership focused on researching and reducing diabetes stigma, housed under diaTribe’s dStigmatize program. This collaboration brings together two leading organizations in the international diabetes community with a shared commitment […]

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A Guide to the Portrayal of Diabetes in Film and Television

Graphic of a woman with an insulin pump and the title A guide to the portrayal of diabetes in film and television

This guide was created as a collaboration between the diaTribe Foundation and Beyond Type 1. Thank you for sharing the realities of living with diabetes with your audience. Your work will help educate, raise awareness, clear up misconceptions, increase safety, and reduce stigma. Approximately 1.6 million Americans currently have type 1 diabetes ( which includes […]

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diaTribe Writing Guidelines: Stigma

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In all cases, aim to use language that is neutral, nonjudgmental, and based on facts, actions, or physiology/biology. In addition, use language that is person-centered and encourages collaboration between people with diabetes and their entire care team. And finally, be intentional about avoiding words or phrases that indicate a value judgment or blame (such as […]

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dStigmatize Communications Checklist

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Do you have an editorial policy or style guidelines that include recommendations for language related to diabetes? If so: If not: What processes do you use to ensure that internal and external communications teams avoid stigmatizing language when talking about diabetes, and people with diabetes and prediabetes? Click here to download a PDF version of […]

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Bringing an End to Diabetes Stigma and Discrimination

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Diabetes stigma can negatively impact the health, self-care, well-being, and professional and social lives of people with diabetes. It can also negatively impact impact public and government support and funding for diabetes research, prevention, clinical care, and treatments. To bring an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination, an expert panel of 51 researchers, health professionals, […]

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Basic information about diabetes

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If you are new to diabetes and want to learn more, you can familiarize yourself with the basics by visiting diaTribe Learn and the American Diabetes Association. diaTribe Learn This free online publication provides information on diabetes management, diet, and exercise; avoiding complications; and the latest innovations in technology and therapies. Diabetes Overview from the […]

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Dismantling Diabetes Stigma

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At the d20 Executive Innovation Lab, we took on the ambitious goal of dismantling diabetes stigma. If you want to get involved in disrupting diabetes stigma, please see the three-step primer below for videos to watch and exercises to complete. We have adapted and consolidated the learnings from d20’s pilot program to provide this foundational knowledge […]

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