International Consensus Recommendations to Bring an End to Diabetes Stigma and Discrimination

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Diabetes stigma refers to the negative social judgments, stereotypes, and prejudices that unfairly affect people with diabetes all over the world. This form of stigma, and the discrimination that can result from it, are pervasive issues that have far reaching negative impacts on the lives of people with diabetes, including the health, self-care and wellbeing of this community as well as public and government support and funding for diabetes research, prevention, care and treatments.

To accelerate an end to diabetes stigma and discrimination, 51 experts from almost 20 countries reviewed the scientific evidence in this field to establish a collection of consensus statements, recommendations, and a pledge to eliminate this form of stigma – currently under review at the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The pivotal change required to bring an end to diabetes stigma starts with a collective commitment from all sectors of the diabetes community to challenge the status quo, and the embedded negative judgements, stereotypes, and prejudice present in discourse and decision-making about diabetes.

We hope that you will consider endorsing our Pledge to Eliminate Diabetes Stigma on behalf of your group, organization, or company. The Pledge can be found below, as well as a link to the form that will allow you to endorse this pledge. By submitting your endorsement at the link below, you are granting permission for your group, organization, or company to appear in the Lancet publication. We ask that the endorsement is submitted by, or on behalf of, a c-suite or senior leadership member of your group and a signature will be required as part of the endorsement submission.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to Matthew Garza and Jane Speight here.

Pledge to Eliminate Diabetes Stigma